ITAMS is here to help you take on the challenges raised by IT Asset Management and Software Licensing.

  • We work with CFOs to help them avoid unexpected bills that can arise from software publisher audits, unnecessary taxes or hardware asset register issues.
  • Our experts can help CIOs and their IT team take ownership of this complex area and support them to establish the necessary controls throughout the business.
  • Our tools and processes make risk identification and assessment and operational tasks clearer and simpler for SAM & ITAM Practitioners.
  • And for Procurement teams, our deep knowledge and experience helps you get the best deals and the right software to make your business run smoothly, with lower cost risk.

We can help your business manage the following efficiently and effectively:

  • Software Publishers – e.g. threat of audit, contract renewals or incentives to change
  • Software Asset Management – e.g. service design, best practice and governance
  • Licence Management – e.g. product roadmap, strategy and negotiation
  • Tools Return on Investment – e.g. deployment and optimisation
  • IT Asset Data Quality – e.g. CMDB accuracy and optimisation
  • IT Innovation & Change – e.g. migration to the Cloud

Our specialist knowledge lets us tackle all the above challenges to help you:

  • Reduce cost and risk
  • Accelerate results and decisions
  • Optimise existing investments in tools and skills

Find out more about how ITAMS can help your business here:

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