Effective Licence Position (ELP)

Service Description

Validated Compliance Report (Audit Preparation)
A standalone service designed to provide support for a one- time event such as a contract renewal or audit. Useful for clients who do not have a clear picture of their compliance position and where empirical proof of purchase data is to be used. The ELP will highlight where client data is insufficient to determine compliance. The results can be used to re-baseline a full service.

Basic Compliance Report (Internal Assessment)
Similar to the Validated Compliance Report but based on trusted data provided by the client which has not been proven against proof of purchase.

Proof of Entitlement (POET) Methodology
POET is a ten step Software Asset Management (SAM) data processing methodology developed by ITAMS to tackle issues with on-boarding complex software licensing data. Using a set of documents, tools and processes, historical and current licensing data is analysed and cleansed, made ready to on-board.

This information is then used to identify data gaps and risks and to generate an Effective Licence Position (ELP). The data provides easy access to audit trails for actions and decisions previously taken and made.

Moving forward, POET helps to control and order large and complex volumes of data and provides solid data for any future re-baselining exercises, avoiding human error.

POET has been utilised successfully across a broad range of customer profiles.

Prices start from £5,000 + expenses.