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Below is an overview of some of the additional Advisory Services that we offer:

  • Scoping & Roadmap Design
    The Scoping & Roadmap Design advisory evaluates your organisation’s current SAM servicing capabilities (processes, technology, staff skills and resources), and identifies the scope, requirements, KPIs and milestones for the future state of your SAM service.This will include governance and an ‘on-boarding’ schedule to align software vendor on-boarding to vendor audit timelines and contract renewal cycles. It will also present an opportunity to estimate the cost of change and provide an ongoing matured ITAM service.
  • Policy & Practices Advisory
    The Policy & Practices advisory will help to define the Minimum Code of Practice (MCoP) for all central and business unit IT staff in order to maintain licence compliance for in-scope software assets.
  • Governance Advisory
    A review of the existing governance framework or the design of a new one will be undertaken to ensure compliance with the future SAM service. The governance model promotes a collaborative approach to SAM rather than individual departments competing for budget or contractual control.
  • Service Line Design & Service Compliance
    The SAM Service Line Design and Compliance advisory will help you to determine specific roles and responsibilities (RACI) for all areas of the service and what the outputs of the service (such as KPI’s, SLA’s and Shared Service Agreements) will be; this will be done for each individual and business unit involved in the Service Line and promote service compliance.
  • Best Practice Advisory
    This 2-day workshop will help train IT staff on the latest ITAM/SAM standards and best practices, and provide specific discovery and licence management tool training and support.
  • Contract Renewal & Renegotiation Support
    The Renewal & Renegotiation Support advisory will help prevent maintenance overcharge by selecting the most appropriate contract terms to maximise value from your vendors. The service will also provide advice and assistance in contract negotiations.
  • Licence Optimisation & Strategy
    • Licence Optimisation Strategy
      This advisory aims to optimise Effective Licence Positions (ELPs) for top vendors. It reviews ELPs generated and seeks to improve data quality and accuracy of the ELP report. Licence recycling / substitution and maintenance termination opportunities are also identified to increase the licence utilisation ratio and reduce costs.
    • Licence Strategy Advisory
      Having the right licence entitlement will ensure you mitigate potential risk and reduce over spending on licences that are not required by the business. This advisory will help you align licensing strategy to IT and business growth strategy for long term business return.
  • Future Mode of Operation
    Defines the future state of your chosen software vendor’s service, how it will be delivered and how the organisation will ensure it remains in control of its licensing risk and compliance positions. The Service Design advisory for your chosen software will take into account: scoping; future mode of operation; roadmap and ROI assessments.
  • Licensing Capability Maturity Assessment
    The Licensing Capability Maturity Assessment advisory is a detailed analysis of problems arising from data quality, technology, processes or skills which may be creating licensing risk. This exercise is a precursor to designing either a future service to improve current capabilities (which may also include other vendors), or a tailored vertical solution.
  • Compliance Risk Assessment
    A brief compliance risk assessment to determine the likely issues and risk profile associated with your chosen software vendor(s) products and families.

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