Audit Defence Advisory Service

Service Description

ITAMS can help you take control before a software publisher comes knocking, we are also there to support you during an active audit situation.

The Audit Defence Advisory offers two types of services to those clients facing a vendor audit:

  • Managing Audit Risk and Minimising Data and Financial Exposure
    Assistance is given throughout an audit engagement, from scoping and timing the initial negotiation and preparing and reviewing data, to drafting an Effective Licence Position (ELP) validation and negotiating a settlement.
  • Settlement Negotiations
    The Settlement Negotiations advisory helps to reduce financial loss, identify false positives and mitigate circumstances to reduce liability by re-validating ELPs generated by third party auditors or the vendor. Help with negotiating the treatment of liabilities and agree payments in line with corporate budget plans will also be given.

Futhermore, unlike other consulting companies ITAMS does not supply volume software, meaning our clients’ licensing situation is kept entirely confidential from regulators, software resellers and software publishers.

Prices start from £5,000 + expenses.

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