What is Licensing Advice?

Licensing Advice is an easy to use help-desk for any end-user organisation struggling to find the right information regarding their key software challenges.

Utilising a fast and efficient email ticketing system, the service allows you to have immediate access to the right resources to tackle your problems head-on.

This service is manned by consultants with specialist licensing knowledge across all major software publishers.

What Licensing Advice can I get?

ITAMS consultants will be at hand to provide help and knowledge on a range of software licensing challenges. These include general advice and help with:

  • software licensing types by publisher
  • models and programmes
  • licensing metrics
  • best practice guidance for licence management
  • onboarding software from different publishers
  • software audits, ELPs, etc.

If you have an enquiry which requires further assistance than that offered by the Licensing Advice service then our consultants will be happy to craft an Advsiory Service bespoke to your requirements. View our services here or contact us.

How can I subscribe?

All users of Licensing Advice will need to subscribe to gain access.
Access to Licensing Advice is subject to subscription fees and includes access to the Knowledge Base Community, Member and Forum areas.

To subscribe to the Knowledge Base or enquire about Member subscription, please click below.

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