Oracle Licensing Demand
Assessment Service

  • Are you facing audit or renewal?
  • Concerned about the accuracy of self declaration?
  • Worried that you may have overdeployed?

Oracle licensing can be a nightmare to manage with complex and constantly changing rules.

ITAMS’ experts have developed GEAR 1 – a new service powered by an underlying technology, specially developed to translate Oracle Database Review Lite script outputs into easy to read reports. Other options exist for other Oracle product families.

ITAMS’ Credentials

  • ITAMS has been delivering licence management SAM and IT asset management tools and services since 2002.
  • We are completely independent of Oracle and our service is completely secure and confidential.
  • Our customer base includes some of the world’s largest, most complex and most prestigious organisations, in UK, EMEA and the USA.
  • We are frequently advisor, service and technical architect, analyst and operator to these organisations.
  • We have many ex-Oracle LMS people on our staff, permitting a unique ‘inside’ view of Oracle’s policies and approaches to Licence Management, Audit and Renewals.

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