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October 2018 Edition

In this issue: Licensing in the Cloud and Shadow IT, Software as a Service (SaaS) and our latest tra...

Licensing in the Cloud and Shadow IT

With the market dynamics changing quite drastically, cloud delivered / SaaS Software Asset Managemen...

September 2018 Edition

In this issue: Optimise the Utilisation of Expensi… Sorry, you don’t have access to th...

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Oracle Perpetual User License Agreement (PULA)

The PULA, (Perpetual User License Agreement), is the latest Oracle offering to be introduced, replac...

IBM Acquisitions

IBM has multiple subsidiaries under its umbrella, all of them acquired over the years. The largest o...

Scenarios for Data Transfer Architecture for Batching / Auto...

The goal is to identify the best licensing scenario in terms of data transfer architecture for batch...


Have You Ever Sold Surplus Licences?

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SAP audit

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Aspera praised in the latest IT Asset Management Landscape V...

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What is Licensing Hub?

Licensing Hub is a portal for invaluable licensing information, advice and services for end-user IT and software licence management professionals. Information can be accessed in three ways:

Knowledge Base – access a library and forum containing software licensing, SAM and ITAM resources; plus detailed information on key software publishers such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.
Licensing Advice – get expert help for software licensing related challenges via a quick and easy to use help-desk.
Licensing Services – enquire for a range of specialist software licensing compliance, SAM/ITAM training, advisory and managed services via the store front.

About Licensing Hub

Licensing Hub was initiated by a group of consultants looking for a single online platform to share licensing knowledge, experience and advice. With the backing of industry experts ITAMS, the platform was officially released in the second quarter of 2016.

Today, with an ever-expanding library of licensing content and a place to connect in complete confidentiality, it attracts a growing number of subscribers. Licensing Hub is 100% independent and has no links to publishers.

Please give it a try and feel free to provide us with feedback. We are always keen to improve its content!

About ITAMS, our content backer and funding partner:

Since 2002, ITAMS has been at the forefront of IT & Software Asset management, providing a wealth of pragmatic, vendor independent advice and help to organisations, in both the public and private sectors worldwide.

ITAMS’ software licensing expertise, knowledge and services are accessible to all end-users. Delivered by subject matter specialists, their carefully crafted series of advisory and managed services help reduce the cost and risks associated with managing IT hardware and software licence assets.

Learn more about ITAMS, the UK’s leading SAM managed services provider.